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Hind Sol SR

Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Product Description


Hind Sol SR is a ready to use, spray able surface retarder.

  • 1. To obtain exposed aggregate finish on concrete surface.
  • 2. To get a keyed surface for excellent bond when concrete is placed subsequently or in layers.
  • 3. Very effective for use in walkways, terrazzo to get a visible and long lasting exposed aggregate finishes.


  • 1. Solvent free, water based.
  • 2. Reduces Labor cost.
  • 3. Good finish is obtained with low cost formwork.
  • 4. Excellent bond is achieved for subsequently laid mortar/concrete layers.
  • 5. Excellent for application to irregular moulds and vertical formwork.
  • 6. Can be diluted as per application requirements.
  • 7. Economical easy to use with a high coverage.


Surface Preparation

The surface water of the newly laid concrete should be allowed to evaporate till ½ -2 hours depending on the    ambient temperature, for application on the exposed surface of concrete. For application on the formwork, the shuttering Plate/Board should be clean, free from dust & laitance etc. On removal of form the desired concrete surface may be obtained by water jetting on the concrete face. Application of mould release agent to be avoided when Hind Sol SR is used.


The total content of Hind Sol SR should be stirred thoroughly, preferably rolled on the ground before application.


It is applied by using Brush, Roller or spray equipment, on a properly cleaned formwork and over concrete when the surface water evaporates. It is suggested to be protected from rain and frost. Striking the formwork at the correct time is very important. As soon the formwork is removed, the concrete surface to be washed with high pressure water jetting if necessary scrapped with a necessary brush.


AspectDark Brown Liquid
Specific Gravity1.12 0.02 at 25 0 C
ph>  6
Chloride Content< 0.02%
CoverageThe coverage depends on the depth of retardation required.10-15 Sq. Mtr /Ltr upto 8mm depth of retardation.6-8 Sq. Mtr /Ltr is possible for greater depth of retardation.


12 months from the date of manufacture in unopened condition and stored in a dry place away from direct sunlight.


200 Ltr Containers


Hind Sol SR is non-toxic and ingestion must be avoided. Any splashes to the skin happen, immediately wash with water. If contact with eyes occurs, immediately wash with water and seek medical advice.

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